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Private Practice Dietitian

Clinical supervision and business coaching focused on creating customized plans, empowering clinicians and supporting growth in the eating disorder dietitian entrepreneur.

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About Alex

Hi! My name is Alex Raymond. I am a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian and Approved Supervisor. I run an eating disorder private practice with two physical office locations in Maryland as well as virtual counseling. Within 9 months of opening my practice, my business partner and I hired 3 dietitians and grew my practice tremendously. It was shortly after hiring employees when I realized my passion for supervising and coaching other dietitians. My goal is to inspire and empower you to build and grow your private practice of your dreams. It may feel scary to take the jump into the business owning world, but it's well worth it.


What I Offer

As a dietitian in private practice, I understand the passion, courage and drive it takes to start and grow a private practice. Starting & building a private practice and finding & retaining a client case load can be difficult to navigate. We weren't taught in school the valuable skills and knowledge to become a dietitian entrepreneur nor the importance of supervision. With my clinical supervision and business consultation services, you can build the skill base necessary to start building your practice, find and retain a full client caseload, hire your first employee, navigate complicated client cases and more. Let's work together!

I started with Alex a few months ago with very limited experience and education in the treatment of eating disorders.  Alex has always been willing to schedule time to provide advice and answer any questions on treatment recommendations or difficult client situations outside of our usual supervision time slot.  She comes with a wealth of knowledge from years of experience working with the eating disorder population.  I always know that if I have a question or concern regarding a client that Alex will make time to help me address it and provide advice for how to counsel my client.  I cannot thank her enough for the assistance she has provided the last few months, helping me grow into the RD I am today.

Lauren Hirschhorn


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